The Brunettes

Never before have I been so blown away by a completely unknown opening band! This seven-member group from New Zealand opened for the Shins, with a performance that threatened to steal the show.

I've never seen a crowd roar for an unknown opening band, but they truly deserved it! The Brunettes have a fantastic stage presence, loads of audience interaction (they even gave away a gift bag at the end of their set), but best of all they have more musical talent than most independant bands. Not only are they creative with their song topics and lyrics, but it's intriguing to watch half the band members switch between three separate instruments halfway through a song!

It's difficult to describe this band or compare their sound to another band, only because they truly are fresh and original. The thought of an album full of poppy love songs appeals to me not in the least, but somehow they pull it off in a way that will have you singing along by the second listen. There is a definite 60's feel to much of their music, and a few tracks hint of country or Asian influence. I told you it was difficult to describe! What I can say very concretely though, is that listening to the Brunettes reminds a person why musicians are referred to as artists.

I recommend you visit their website, listen to a few tracks, and let's put together a petition to get them back in North America!


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