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I've been phished…

I received a letter by express post yesterday, from a company called Logistic Telecom. It was very professional looking, company letterhead and all. It turned out to be a hilarious scam. Here's the letter:

Mr Cook
We received your application and we examined your curriculum with interest. We are pleased to announce you that your candidature was retained. We would like to offer you the position of Programmer Analyst within our company, with a base salary of $70 000.00 annually which will be determined and confirmed at the interview.

Indeed your curriculum answers our requirements. We would thus like to convene you to an interview and the signature of your contract at our offices. You will then be received by the director of personnel, Mr. Pierre Desjardins.

Your approval is undoubtedly acquired to us. You would oblige us however, while agreeing to confirm us by duly signing over this document and in there including an amount of $20 dollars. This amount will be refunded to you entirely at the time of your interview and signature of contract. This is for simply ensuring us of your presence.

Please return to us, in a short matter of time this document and deposit at the following address Logistic Telecom, P.O Box 3301 Stn C, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 1HO

We hold has you ensure that once your approvals received your presence will have been confirmed.

We thank you in advance for the attention that you will carry to this document, and hope to receive your approval as soon as possible to schedule a starting date.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at our head office 613-796-9541

[her signature here]
Lana Soldovia
Assistant Director of Personnel

This was my thought process on reading this letter:
"Oh, cool. I don't remember applying with a 'Logistic Telecom', but maybe they just found my resume on Monster.ca"
"Curriculum? candidature? man they talk funny. They must be french"
"$70K?????? NICE!!!!! Finally, someone appreciate my ridiculously talented skillset" đŸ˜‰
"Send $20? Ummm, riiiiiiigggggghhhhtttt…"
"I'm going to post this on my blog!"

I haven't been able to find any other information about this 'company'. I'm tempted to give them a call, see what they're like on the phone.



  1. lol is too funny

  2. Yes – call them for sure, and post the results in the DP thread!

  3. Enrique Garcia Online » Phishing goes offline; My questionnaire needs more people; and NewsDrunk auction is about to close!

    […] I found this blog post where the author got a letter by regular mail trying to phish him out of $20. Not only is it a lame attempt, but the grammar in the letter is just terrible! Who are these scammers, middle-schoolers?? […]

  4. I received this letter too….I called but it was something to leave a message….
    Of course it is a fraud….Probably they receive a lot of $20 and nobody will sue them for $20 so they will be able to do that very often….

  5. You can take the listed phone number from the letter and do a reverse lookup on it to get the name and address of the installed number. From there, you may be able to get creative and send them a letter of your own. Maybe someone could offer them a job as a "silly scam artist" with a simple reservation fee to hold the position open of say $20.00 or so? Kindest Regards

  6. I don't think anyone will be offering them a job… in prison!

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