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Test Your Aim with Penguin Darts

So you think you're pretty good when it comes to batting around the little guys in penguin baseball? Well put your aim and timing to the test, and see if you can help this yeti get a bullseye!

The yeti will pick up the snowball automatically. You just have to aim and click to release when you think you'll be able to hit the penguin into the target zone. Make sure you post your high score in the comments section!



  1. My high score: 97.9

  2. My best is actually 91.9, the other one was my total

  3. my best shot was 94.4 on this fun little penguin game

  4. my best shot was a 97.6 and I had a total of 510.2

  5. omg dis game is smint! !!!!!! we luv da lil redy lol cya x

  6. lolloo fun game my best shot was 97.5

  7. dude i am the best i got a 99.78 cant beat that suckers HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! man am i good

  8. i got 99.76 i am the best HSHAAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. i played twice and my higher score was 503.8

  10. oooh i played again and got 654…3 bullseyes. i have no life…i can aim penguins…

  11. 975

  12. 308.3 beat dat now im da best suckers hahahahahahahahahahah

  13. my best hit was 98.8 and total was 606.5

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