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Build Your Email Subscriber List on Your Joomla/Mambo site

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This is a free Joomla/Mambo module that allows you to put an email subscription form on each page of your website. The subscription list works with Constant Contact, an affordable email service provider. You can sign up now for free, and if your list is under 100 subscribers the service is free.

Here is a link to the free Constant Contact subscription module. Here is a demo of the module in operation.

Once you install this module, you will have the following options:

  • Your constant contact account id. This is necessary for the component to work.
  • A description above the input field, to motivate people to sign up.
  • An email description. This defaults to 'your email'. This is what appears in the email input field, and disappears when the user enters (focuses on) the input field.

You need to sign up for a free account at Constant Contact to use this module.

Create beautiful Joomla websites with a flexible layout from



  1. I've tried this module and all looks good except:

    1) When hitting Go: "Error: Invalid Link
    The subscribe/unsubscribe link has an error or is no longer valid. Please contact the webmaster of the site from which you were expecting to subscribe/unsubscribe."

    2) IE5 adds a space above and below the input form. Firefox is fine. How do I minimise the space in both browsers?

    Once these are sorted it'll be great. Mail me back please!

  2. 1) This is due to an invalid client ID being entered. Please use the exact ID that constant Contact provided you

    2) use CSS to control the margins and padding, and you can remove the default spaces

  3. Thanks for the fast answers. I'm using my login username… is this correct, or is there a separate ID (a number?) I should be using.

    Been playing around with the CSS for ages… seems to be getting worse, rather than better!

  4. there is a separate ID. You'll find it in the generated HTML that Constant Contact gives you to place on your website. it will be in this field:
    <input type="hidden" name="m" value="#############" />

    Try settingg the margin of 'form' to 0px:

    form {
    margin: 0px;

  5. hey,wondered if you can tell me how to change the text colour on the constant contact module.we have a site where all the text is written in white and the back ground is white on the cc form.please can you help?

  6. Just edit the HTML

  7. Is there a way to place text area for the input of the subscriber's name?

  8. chief supreme ruler

    You have to change the constant contact settings, then it will prompt for the name after they've clicked submit

  9. Hi

    any idea how i can get this integrated with something like community builder and change teh mod so that I can have people update their profiles rather than new sign ups


  10. I just added the mod to my joomla site – is there anyway that the Constant Contact list and registered Site (joomla/mysite) users can be tied together?

  11. You would just have to export your registered users, then import them into Constant Contact

  12. I am working on puting my site into Mambo. I want to use your code (thanks for writing it in the first place) but I can not find documentation that explains how to add a module. I get how to install one but not how to add one. I am using version 4.6


  13. In the mambo administrator section, click Modules > Install Modules (or something like that, it may be called Installer)

    Just upload the module .zip file in the file selection input box

  14. I have seen that in other versions – I only have uninstall.

  15. honestly then I have no idea. You might wanna get some support in the forums

  16. I have downloaded the code from Constant Contact but am have trouble dropping it onto my site as the CSS makes it dissapear. Any idea what needs to be modified on the code to remove the conflict?

  17. I am getting this error
    "Error: Invalid Link

    The subscribe/unsubscribe link has an error or is no longer valid. Please contact the webmaster of the site from which you were expecting to subscribe/unsubscribe.

    Please close this window to continue browsing. "

    Any ideas?

  18. Man, thanks so much for writing this module! I just hooked it up, and it works splendid. You just saved me a grumpy weekend of trying to figure out how to do the same thing.

    Very kind of you sir.

  19. This works great and perfectly, thanks sooo much! One question, is it possible to incorporate the CC gift reminder service?

  20. I have absolutely no idea, sorry

  21. This module has really saved me! Thanks so much!!!

  22. This is a fabulous idea…….. but I can not seem to find on the site where I can download the files. It is probably right in front of me.

  23. I just added this module to a site that I have been working on and all seems to be working well. I just wanted to thank you for creating this module for us.

    South Salem Little League

  24. Hi Justin, looks like a great module. I am confused though…what I need is for the registration email to be stored in joomla, and then also be shuttled over to my constant contact account. Is that possible with this?



  25. Please send me a corrected version for Joomla1.5. and how to use this without login form can it be possible. Please tell me steps for that to work it on the site.

  26. Thanks! This was very helpful. I did have to update the module for the most recent version of Joomla. There's an XML file main wrapping tag difference. It needs to change from "<mosinstall…" to "<install…"

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