Google Embraces Business Intelligence and CRM

The new Google Search Appliance integrates Google's OneBox technology that will allows enterprise business users to search across their business applications, such as SAS, SalesForce.com, Cognos, and Exchange. I can't say that I saw this one coming!

You can read the official Google blog release here.

As I first read of the new OneBox features, my initial impression was that Google was venturing into Business Intelligence, offering a single-point-of-access to operational data and business analytics. But I quickly realized that this is not the case. This is not so much a business intelligence solution as it is an overlay, or a business information presentation layer. This is a form of data integration at the presentation level.

The potential of this offering is incredible. Partnering with SAS, Oracle, SalesForce.com and others positions OneBox as a technology that will be vital for any company running these softwares (which is almost every medium-sized to large company). And considering that the licensing cost is only $30K, that will be seen as a small additional cost to the hundreds of thousands invested in the current technology. This is a small price to pay to maximize use of existing software through a unified and easy to acces information portal.


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