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Play the Helicopter Game Online

You are a helicopter pilot. Your mission is to guide the helicopter safely through the big green corridor. Be careful though, because there big green blocks hovering conspicuously in mid air that you can smash into!

Guide the helicopter by having him fly higher or lower to get past the obstacles. Click the mouse to raise him, let go to let him lower. Don't smash into the ground though! Post your high score(s) in the reply field below!!



  1. hiya just wanna say this game is the best and i scored 2335 i know im da greatest so u no like right right karl get here now !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. man three days now and i finnally got a good score yea u no it now u all sux my score 606,957,251 damn that one hard thing now i can go eat peace

  3. dude111111111111111

    sooo i got 1798!

  4. dude u all are noobzors i got 100,024,143

  5. Justin Cook's Mom

    yaa soo all u kids arnt that good at this game….

  6. my best so far is 1,532


  8. sean i beat you!!! 2090!!!!!!!! yay!

  9. you guys suck, i got 2500

  10. YOO yall suck i got 4500 HAHAHA I wish

  11. i got 4,328 it seems like im the high score . all u guys think ur all good with getting liike 1000. i can get that with my eyes closed. So wat now Punks!!!!!!

  12. sorry, where not losers and dont play this game all day robertjones

  13. well i got 2014!

  14. Well i just played again and got 4331, and i got my friend beside me that can confirm that i got that score..

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