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Play the Helicopter Game Online

You are a helicopter pilot. Your mission is to guide the helicopter safely through the big green corridor. Be careful though, because there big green blocks hovering conspicuously in mid air that you can smash into!

Guide the helicopter by having him fly higher or lower to get past the obstacles. Click the mouse to raise him, let go to let him lower. Don't smash into the ground though! Post your high score(s) in the reply field below!!



  1. 689 is my best so far

  2. 1368. It's easier on Bebo.

  3. Travis Polizzi

    dude justin cook sux at this game

  4. mine is 2150

  5. I got 181!

  6. My best is 4598

  7. dude you all suck butt monkeys i got 5863! boo-yah!!!

  8. fatty .i got 6216

  9. i got 112,894

  10. my high score was 3458 not bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i got 6549

  12. i got 6567

  13. my best is 1557

  14. my high score is 799 easy

  15. all you peepz are sad that u have to get high scores on a game i bet none of the high scorers have any friends us normal people have better things to do oh and by the way 2164!! LOSERS!!

  16. I GOT 8,476!

  17. i got 23904872394872394872358923 katrillion points

  18. 1064 on feb 2nd

  19. any1 know any game sites?

  20. haha u all suck i got 300,534

    I GOT 1525

  22. Hi i am the freind of jimbob and i am here to say
    "You all blow"
    I ( The ruler of the galexy) has got the score
    Then I got infinite i'd like to see you beat the that hah

  23. this thing rocks dude im giving up sinning just 4 this awsum game

  24. You rock! I love Justin Cook!
    I got 578

  25. I love this game!
    Myu high score is: 11,990

  26. Keirra's Classmate Bloomer


  27. taylor's is 1024. Maggy;s is 800

  28. I Luv Brendan Gates

  29. I go to ste anne Elementray

    Hi this game is stupend

  30. My new high score is 1059.!!!!! WOOOOOOT.!

  31. dude, u guys are horrible. My high score is 2596, and my friend's is 4016. LOL, ROFl, ROTFLOL, GLAG, LMAO, etc.

  32. but anyway got 3692 x

  33. i bet 30% out of everyone in here lied about their score…anyway i used to blow at this but then i smoked some an i got 2000 something then after that my score slowly went up and the highest ive gotten is like..4195 i havent been able to get that high since then

  34. yo mah ill high score: 23

  35. Dominique Wilkins

    Man this game is off the chain my highest score was 3478 now thomas lets see if you could beat that

    P.S. this N.I.G.G.A Got GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 3398 it took me a while but i got it

  37. I got 3398, it took me a while but i got it.

  38. alright dominique.. i scored 4184.

  39. bye bye

  40. i have no clus how u people score over 1000.. lol i dont get it. my high is like 950

  41. Dude this game is simple 987

  42. i got 4028

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