Build Your Email Subscriber List with Joomla/Mambo and GetResponse

Create beautiful Joomla websites with a flexible layout from iJoomla.com

This is a free Joomla/Mambo module that allows you to put an email subscription form on each page of your website. The subscription list works with GetResponse.com, an affordable and user-friendly email service provider. You can sign up now for free, and get free email marketing tutorials

Here is a link to the free GetResponse.com subscription module.

Once you install this module, you will have the following options:

  • Your GetReponse.com account id. This is necessary for the component to work.
  • Your GetReponse.com list name. This is also necessary for the component to work.
  • A description above the input field, to motivate people to sign up.
  • An email description. This defaults to 'your email'. This is what appears beside the email input field.
  • A name description. This defaults to 'your name'. This is what appears beside the nameinput field.
  • A submit description. This defaults to 'Send me the free newsletter!'. This is what appears on the submit button label.

You need to sign up for a GetResponse.com to use this module.

Create beautiful Joomla websites with a flexible layout from iJoomla.com



  1. Can you ad the Captcha authentication test too?

  2. What would be great is if when a user registers with with Joomla based site (and confirms their membership so it is double opt-in) that they are added to my GetResponse mailing list through this Mod automatically. That way I can send a predefined set of messages and use the advantage or GetResponse being registered with all the Spam houses so my server does not get banned.

    Can this be done with this Mod or can it be made to do it?

  3. I'm afraid you'd need to build or have built a custom module/component for this sort of functionality

  4. Emad Hassan kenona

    Please make sign up easy for subscriber

  5. This module allows you to build several lists and newsletter in one site using getresponse services?

  6. Yes, you should be able to do that by copying this into multiple modules with different list settings

  7. Justin,

    I thought GetResponse would allow me to respond to a membership registration with an opt-in email confirmation. Are you saying this is not the case. I have a GetResponse membership already, so I might try to see what happens. Does GetResponse know about your extension? I'm thinking they might be able to assist me?

    In any case, something that will let my users sign up with/through GetResponse is a great help.

    Jerry Nielsen – Internet Income Alliance

  8. You'd probably have to contact GetResponse for that question

  9. Hi Justin

    Thanks so much for the GetResponse MOdule. I am new to Joomla! are there any, however brief, instructions for installation?

    Best Wishes


  10. Sorry, you'll need to look around for a simple tutorial on adding/configuring Joomla modules. If I get time, I'll create one

  11. Thanks for the getresponse module 🙂

  12. Zappers in Canada

    Justin, many thanks for this fine module! You've made my work a lot easier.

  13. Emad Hassan kenona

    Thank you every body give benefit information ,i hope i will get more

  14. Does this work with Joomla 1.5?

  15. "I am using sh404 component at my site. And index.php is coming in between my urls can any one help me to remove it.
    http://daventurewebtech.com/index.php/services.html i want to remove index.php and is should be look link this http://daventurewebtech.com/services.html"

  16. Is there a way to the get the confirmation from getresponse to popup in another windows instead of replacing my website in the browser?


  17. I sussed it myself. In your mod_getresponse.php I edited the form code to add the target…

    Hope its usefull for other people.


  18. i hope i will get more,you should be able to do that by copying this into multiple modules with different list settings,thanks

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