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PHP: Insert Into an Array at a Specific Position

It's fairly simple to add an element to an array in PHP, but doing just appends the value/element to the last position in the array. You could hack the array_splice function to attempt the, and the format would be like this: array_splice($array, $pos, 0, $newelement); (you could even insert an entire array into the array!). But this function has been created for the sole purpose of inserting into an array, and it's called array_insert().

function array_insert(&$array, $insert, $position = -1) {
$position = ($position == -1) ? (count($array)) : $position ;
if($position != (count($array))) {
$ta = $array;
for($i = $position; $i < (count($array)); $i++) { if(!isset($array[$i])) { die(print_r($array, 1)."\r\nInvalid array: All keys must be numerical and in sequence."); } $tmp[$i+1] = $array[$i]; unset($ta[$i]); } $ta[$position] = $insert; $array = $ta + $tmp; //print_r($array); } else { $array[$position] = $insert; } ksort($array); return true; } [/code]



  1. why not
    array_splice($array, $position, 0, $insert);

  2. Hi,

    Any chance you could comment your function to explain what it is doing internally?


  3. function array_insert(&$array, $insert, $position) {

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    Could you explain the difference between your code and:

    function array_insert(&$array, $insert, $position) {

  5. you rock tenzin – little pieces of clever code, my favourte.
    thanks. works like a dream

  6. function array_insert(&$array, $insert, $position) {

    wrap what you are inserting in the call to array splice in an array that way you can insert complex objects (like arrays). Otherwise the splice method will iterate though the object and individually insert each thing in it.

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  8. from

    Note: If replacement is not an array, it will be typecast to one (i.e. (array) $parameter). This may result in unexpected behavior when using an object replacement .

    function array_insert(&$array, $insert, $position) {
    if (is_object($insert)) {
    $insert = array($insert);
    array_splice($array, $position, 0, $insert);

    fixes things for me.

  9. I've written the following code for inserting array elements:

    function array_insert(&$array, $insert, $position){
    if(!is_numeric($position)) return false;
    if($position = $length){
    $array = array_merge($array, array($insert));
    $head = array_slice($array, 0, $position);
    $insert = array($insert);
    $tail = array_slice($array, $position);
    $array = array_merge($head, $insert, $tail);

    return true;

    It's a different approach to solve this problem, with array_slice() and array_merge(). I find that solution to be more trustworthy and use that to handle complex multidimensional arrays.

  10. My code above didn't parse correctly… due to what reason ever… you want the working code, visit my community:

  11. If you're inserting arrays into arrays…

    line #2 should be:

    if (is_object($insert) OR is_array($insert) {

  12. As many have said now, using array_splice() is very unreliable. If you store any complex objects in the array the array_splice() function will iterate through all the elements of the array and all of the elements for each of the objects in the array. This causes serious problems as it may insert something in the middle of a class (I just spent several days now trying to figure out why my classes were throwing errors). The array_insert() function is definitely what I would use. In fact, it would be a convenient function to have packaged with PHP.

  13. @stephen:
    That seemed to fix my problem…very ingenious solution. I still wouldn't reply on the array_splice() function, but as long as I see no errors with this, it's a great fix!

  14. Quote from / splice function manual:

    "If replacement is just one element it is not necessary to put array() around it, unless the element is an array itself."

    I do not know since when this is in PHP, but if you've got a recent PHP version, there is no need for array($object) any longer to use as replacement. try it on your own.

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