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I think I should install a security camera!

Well we've been in this house for a little over a year now. I can't say this is exactly the safest neighbourhood to be living in (South Etobicoke), so we're considering installing a security camera, possibly even two. I've been doing some research on CCTV Security Cameras, and it seems like the best choice for additional security. Basically I figure that many intruders would be smart enough to bypass an alarm system, but at least this way they'd be captured by both video and audio monitoring (up to 800 feet, that's crazy!)

Besides, now that you can easily install a hidden CCTV security system, it wouldn't even detract from the appearance of the house, which is a huge plus.

Oh, and there's one other serious plus. We have the college right around the corner from us. After reading this article about how not all Students like Security Cameras, at least I know they won't be hanging around our place!


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