The answer to my Adsense woes

To say the least, I have long been frustrated with the income generated from adsense on my sites. Currently I maintain 4 sites with adsense, and I generate at least 400-500 unique impressions per day. And how much do I make? All of about $1 per day.

Ok, so it covers my hosting fees, but it doesn't exactly compensate for any of the time I spend updating and posting to the sites. So, needless to say, when I read an article about the death of adsense, my curiousity was tweaked. I've now discovered this entirely new approach that enables bloggers to make money with their blog. It's called PayPerPost, and by the looks of things, I may be able to even make upwards of $10 per day if I pick the right blogging opportunities.

So I'm fairly optmistic right now, but it will take a few weeks of testing before I know for sure 😉



  1. Whatever you do, don't give up!! keep on optimizing your ads with your design, I noticed this is a wordpress blog, look up adsense deluxe plugin. research research and more research…. if you keep working hard you will get it eventually 🙂

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