I will put Ken Jennings to shame!

Probably most of the people reading this blog know of the Aviva Directory. It's one of the most popular, most promoted directories out there. Well, to say the least, I was only slightly discombobulated when I caught a link to the Aviva Trivia Blog. To be honest, at first the only thought in my head was 'why?'.

However, now that I've read a few posts, I now know exactly 'why'. I loved it! I absolutely love the idea of a constant supply of virtually useless trivia! I will for sure be subscribing to the feed with my Google desktop web clips, and I'll for sure be returning regularly. Hopefully after a good year of reading, I'll be ready to become the next Jeapordy champ…

And I imagine that I'm not alone. This is one of the smartest ideas I've seen in a while to generate repeat traffic, expecially to something like a web directory!

The only thing I would like to see added is the official source of each piece of trivia. Otherwise, anyone could be making that stuff up.


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