How do people not understand paid blogging?

So if you've read any of my posts this week, you're aware that I've signed up with PayPerPost.com, and that some of my posts will be sponsored by blog advertising through them.

At first I found this almost too good to be true. After all, here's a company that's offering to pay you to do something you already do for free! (I thought for sure it was a flash in the pan, and was pleasantly surprised to read of the $3 million in venture capital) But I recently listened to a podcast on TalkCrunch, and realized just how controversial the whole idea is.

A number of 'ethical' concerns were raised. Primarily, it boils down to the fact that people like Mike Arrington believe that the blogosphere is tainted and biased due to the fact that bloggers are now compensated for their opinions. I believe that this is absolutely ridiculous. As Mr. Murphy states in the podcast, any advertisers that solicit only + (positive) posts will receive less attention from bloggers, as we don't like to be told what to write. We like to share our opinions, and the fact that we're compensated to share them regarding a specific product does not in any way change that fact.

If only the bloggers at TechCrunch realized that they too are paid to blog, only they're on salary…


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