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Every tech support team should have this

I was referred to a product called simply "KVM2USB". At first I was having a bit of trouble grasping the actual purpose of such a product. But after reading the KVM2USB Technical Specifications, I have to say that I'm very impressed, and if I was still in tech support I'd be pushing for one of these.

Basically this works to help you troubleshoot almost any host machine with nothing but your laptop and the KVM2USB adapter. (The laptop must have USB 2.0 and Windows XP). The adapter transmits every pixel (in 16 bits) of the VGA images from the host machine to the laptop, and the the laptop's keyboard and mouse outputs are transmitted back to the host machine as though they were the keyboard and mouse input of the machine itself. This would take so much of the hassle out of administrating buggy machines.

I love this: if you can't understand the concept, this little diagram should explain everything:

Depending on the machine's resources (primarily CPU), you can achieve close to 10 frames per second. That's more than sufficient when working in the boot prompt or even an operating system itself.

The price for the product is about $500, but the amount of time it saves should more than pay for itself in man-hours. It would however, be nice to see a Linux driver for this sooner than later.


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