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A novel marketing concept: Presell pages

As webmasters and online marketers, our number one goal is to drive more people to our website, as increased traffic means increased conversion (and therefore increased profit). Besides simply having good copy on our site, there are many important means of generating more traffic, and generally those involve some method to affect your search engine ranking.

Some write articles that may or may not be published on third party sites, providing potentially relevant inbound links. Some buy links on sites and pages with high page rank, hoping in turn that the target site's rank will thereby increase. Others buy blog posts, and still others forum signatures.

While these have their merits, none compare in ingenuity or potential effectiveness to the idea of presell pages. Presell pages – or hosted marketing pages – is a concept that's been around for about two years now, and is yet to really take off (I believe it will soon). Basically, the idea is rented content hosting on a completely separate, authoritative site. This is like link buying on a whole new level. Instead of buying a solitary link, you're renting an entire page of relevant content, with up to 5 links pointing to your site, and pages can even be rented on a .edu domain!

We all know that getting a text link from an edu domain can be an enormous boost for a site, as search engines respect .edu sites as authoritative, and that authority (rank) can transfer to your site. So it only stands to reason that getting multiple .edu text links (even on multiple .edu domains) exponentially multiplies the benefit to your site.

Besides the benefit to advertisers, webmasters as well can benefit by preselling pages on their own site. Naturally, you would not wish to disclose that you sell presell pages, and risk being blacklisted by search engines, who would take obvious exception to people exploiting the trustworthiness of .edu domains.

Will this online marketing technique be as successful as blog sales or text link sales? It certainly is sound in concept, and PreSellPageMan has a decent offering to facilitate it. I will certainly be monitoring its progress!


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