How to right-click with a MacBook

So I'm making the transition to Mac, and of course there's a learning curve. My latest source of confusion comes from the lack of a right mouse button. I'm so used to using the menu items, and now there's only one big button.

I tried many key combinations with the big button, but nothing brought up a menu. Then, while searching through the System Preferences, I came to the Keyboard & Mouse options.

Under the Trackpad tab, the third checkbox from the bottom is labeled: "Place two finger on trackpad and click button for secondary click". When you do this, you'll get the right-click menu. Yes, it takes one more finger (or thumb) than it would with a PC, but it's nice to know that it's there if you need it.

By the way. if you enable click on the trackpad itself, this even allows you to right-click just by tapping the trackpad with a second finger!

Here's a screenshot of what the config screen looks like:
enable right-click on a Mac



  1. hold control and then click

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