Brand new PS3 goes for $0.99 on eBay

Boy do I feel sorry for this seller! I've seen several eBay auctions where the PS3s have gone for some ridiculously low price, but that just indicates that the transaction has taken place off-line to avoid eBay fees.

But not this time. Apparently this seller waited in line, and really went all out with this purchase. The auction included a brand new SONY Playstation 3 60 GB Premium System, the extended 2 year warranty, 2 free games, 1 extra controller, 1 Blue-Ray movie, and even free shipping! This one would sell for quite a bit.

And so the seller started the bidding at $0.99. Or at least he thought he did…

As is turns out, he set the 'buy it now' price to $0.99! The system was snapped up instantly by some hawk-eyed bidder, before the seller could realize his mistake and withdraw the item! Poor guy…

Oh, and here's the link to the auction itself.



  1. Wow… yeh it wuda went to like 1000$ wow i feel bad for him.. i wud close that account and ignore it all lol

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