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How to Play Reversi
Each reversi piece has a black side and a white side. On your turn, you place one piece on the board with your color facing up. You must place the piece so that an opponent's piece, or a row of opponent's pieces, is flanked by your pieces. All of the opponent's pieces between your pieces are then turned over to become your color.

You can place a white piece on the other end of the black row and capture the black pieces.

The object of the game is to own more pieces than your opponent when the game is over. The game is over when neither player has a move. Usually, this means the board is full.

You can capture vertical, horizontal, and diagonal rows of pieces. Also, you can capture more than one row at once. In the picture below, if white places a piece where the red arrow is pointing, then all the black pieces in the three rows indicated by red lines will be captured. You must place a piece so that it captures opponent's pieces. You can not place it anywhere you want on the board.



  1. God!
    This game absolutely loves to cheat. I play black and I will have move after move available, and there are times the game won't recognize that fact and say the I got no moves available. This has happened in several games that I now consider myself as having won, simply due to the game's cheating heart.

  2. true butt whooping! 46-3 a victory with over a dozen spaces left open! Oh yeah!

  3. 49-0 Ohh yeah, first two times I played It did feel like a cheater, though the computer can't beat me anymore!!! AHAHAHA!!

  4. ment to say felt like the computer was a cheater

  5. Try, a multiplayer reversi site where you meet people from all arond the world.

  6. Easy ! 55 – 9

  7. I've worked out that the computer will always try and claim the third square in from the top left hand corner (for some strange reason). Feel free to affirm this theory by trying to claim it yourself – you will be fought for it! I couldn't quite work out why the computer would always try for that square, but when I did get it I won by a landslide..Hopefully other players will have the same luck i did! 🙂

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