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Play Kitten Cannon Online!

See how far you can launch the poor kitty from a cannon.
Post your score or distance in the comments field below! (I got 90 feet)

Launch the little orange kitten into a field of mines, trampolines, and kitten-eating venus fly-traps, and see how long he lasts.

Instructions: Use the space key to fire, and the arrow keys to position the cannon. The moving red meter indicates the power of the launch.



  1. OK, my new high score is 207 feet!

  2. 1,554 im so beast

  3. 370 feet – first go. you are poo!

  4. i got 2,892

  5. i got 672 feet

  6. hi dylean

  7. i got 3479

  8. i got 3500

  9. 17! new low score

  10. 500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    jk only 2000

  11. 4,910

  12. try and get lower than 16 🙂

  13. I Got 3797ft

  14. i got 9678

  15. I totally owned everybody! I got 549 ft

  16. i bet you are all jealous of my awesome skill

  17. lol i got 1327

  18. my lowest was 13ft so i won that bt my highest was 1360 so dat wasnt 2 bad ae

  19. i got 4,629 pwned!
    hey thx for putting up gamses for us to play Justin.

  20. NEW LOW 12 FT!!!!

  21. My score was 2,368

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