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A Reality TV show that I might actually watch

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I've said it a thousand times, but it bears repeating: I hate reality television shows. I have enough reality of my own to deal with! I don't want to watch how some spoiled Italian kids act like immature punks and spend their parents' money. I don't care to understand how small people live, I don't imagine that their life is all that different from my own, except perhaps seen from a sharper angle.

However, I honestly think I might even watch the new business reality tv show created by PayPerPost. It's available on YouTube, as well as in high definition download through iTunes. It's based on the video collected during the star-up and growth phases of the actual PayPerPost company. The story of PayPerPost's success is impressive in and of itself, so I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to learn something from an entrepreneurial business strategy perspective.

It's hilarious watching the first episode of the show. They totally have down the typical 'unsteady camera' feel of a reality show. One of the first clips of Ted talking uses the quintessential reality show line "when I did ______, I was feeling really nervous because of ______". It's hilarious! There's a little controversy around the trade show registration, and in the typical reality TV fashion, a rather small issue is turned into a nail-biting catastrophe. I'm hoping that they can break away from the mold a little, and I won't feel like I'm watching every other reality TV show ever created!


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