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If you're an avid fan of American Idol, or even just a casual viewer with a viewpoint, you may be interested in discussing your thoughts of the show.

If so, then you'll probably be interested in joining this American Idol forum. This could quite possibly be the largest privately owned Idol-related forum on the internet! A quick look at the vBulletin stats shows that at one point there were 8,873 users online at once! That only serves to prove the site's popularity, and no doubt makes the forum owner quite proud.

Truthfully, I admit that my opinion of the value of the show is somewhat tainted, ever since I watched the movie American Dreamz. That having been said, however, I can appreciate why people would enjoy the show so much, and even how it has become the most popular show on Television. It also makes sense that this type of show – which involves the personal lives of the contestants – would stir up controversy, and people would naturally want to talk about the 'idols', as well as who will win and who will be voted off.

And despite the fact that I don't even really like the show, I do admit that I had been the one to think of hosting forums dedicated to it, if only for the fact that I'd own a fairly valuable web site! And it looks like I've even missed the boat on creating a forum dedicated to the close-to-home Canadian version of the show, as there's already a sub-forum dedicated to Canadian Idol.



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