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Why you may need a keylogger

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People have long had a negative view of keyloggers. (Keyloggers are small applications that run in the background and capture & record each keystroke on a computer) When you think about it, that's not really surprising. No one likes the feeling of being spied on, and for a long time the most common use of keyloggers was in viruses, where the virus writer would capture the users passwords by reviewing what they've typed in most often.

However, if you're a parent with a computer at home, a keylogger can add a great amount of security to your family. If your computer is connected to the internet, your child could easily be exposed to many dangers, even on what they believe to be innocent websites – such as MySpace. As a parent, you can review their activities, and keep a close eye on your loved ones!



  1. Keylogging is a no-no. Please do not encourage people to use keyloggers. One who goes to bad websites is a one who does not receive proper education. Dont let people learn more about these evil little things.

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