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Dell Precision M90 Review

OK, so this isn't like a hard-core performance and benchmarking review. I'm not going to tell you how many FPS and crazy calculations and compressions and conversions the machine does. Quite frankly I just don't care. I'm using the machine as a laptop for web development, I'm not gaming on it, and I'm not compiling programs with it. If you want those stats I suggest you check CNet or some other hardware reviewing website. This is purely a review of my impressions from working with the laptop!

My first impression was just amazement at the sheer size of the laptop. They're not kidding when they say it's a desktop replacement! The 17" LCD screen is simply huge, my resolution is currently 1440 x 900. I have to keep resizing down my windows when designing something, so that I can see how other people will see it!

The laptop is like 2 inches thick. It reminds me of the first ThinkPad I ever had, only larger! I'm really not sure why they still need to make laptops this think anymore. I mean look at the MacBook Pro after all! And it's quite a beast to lug around. I haven't had to work out since I've started taking this laptop home, it's all the exercise I need.

I was also appalled to find out that there's no inbuilt microphone. What's up with that? All laptops have had microphones since my Compaq 386!

On the positive side though, the machine is blazing fast. For once my laptop isn't my bottleneck. I have loads of applications running, and they all respond beautifully.

It also doesn't have the typical cheap feel of a Dell, which is nice.

Oh, another thing. I hate the fact that on this gargantuan laptop they didn't think to put a slightly larger keyboard. You still have the standard small Dell laptop keyboard, a little cramped.

The sound quality is very, very good.

The buttons on the trackpad feel very cheap, like they'll break if I use them too much.

I guess overall I'm not that thrilled with it, I would almost rather have a MacBook Por and just dual boot to XP!



  1. Hi,

    I am planning to buy an M90. Your review was helpful. Would appreciate if you could post a more detailed review.
    I want to be able to use a TV tuner. Does it support any pcmcia based tv-tuner cards?
    also whats the deal about microphone? does the machine not have one. as per dell website its supposed to have.
    can u possible post some closeup pictures of the machine, preferably seperate parts as well instead of the whole machine.

  2. It has a PCMCIA slot, so there's no reason that the TV tuner wouldn't be supported. The laptop does not appear to have a microphone, but maybe it's just this particular model?

    I'm sorry, I just don't have the motivation to post photos, they're all over the internet.

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