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Should I get a DVR?

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Is it time for me to buy or build a DVR? To be honest, I don't even really watch all that much television. But I do have my two shows: Battlestar Galactica and Heroes. I usually don't get the opportunity to schedule time in front of the TV to watch them, so more often than not I download them in DivX format, convert them to 225kbps .wmv format, and watch them on my Pocket PC on my bus ride to work.

I do wonder though if it would be easier just to pick one of the more popular DVR Players (perhaps TiVo), and set it up to record my shows. They'd be better quality than DivX, and I wouldn't have to go searching for a .torrent file. I think the biggest concern would be how easy it is to remove commercials, and whether or not I can convert to .wmv format.


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