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A truly effective anti-spam solution

I hate SPAM (email, not the food). I hate spammers. I hate the fact that I receive almost 200 spam emails every day. (thank goodness GMail filters most of them)

I saw no end in sight to the Spam problem. I've tried many things on my email clients, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, or Outlook. They're good, but they miss a lot, and often mark the wrong emails as spam – knows as 'false positives'. I've also tried some server-side solutions, such as SpamAssassin, and even BoxTrapper. BoxTrapper was far too restrictive, and required every single person that emailed me to verify that they were real. SpamAssassin was good. But just good, not great.

Anyhow, recently I started a new job for a B2B Internet Security firm, and their main product/solution is an anti-spam appliance. I'm not going to shamelessly plug the company (if you really want to know who it is you can ask me), but I have to say – I'm extremely impressed with the product. I honestly believe that this is the solution to most companies' spam problems. They guarantee to catch 98% of all spam, that's impressive. They recently updated the product with the ability to read images, and detect image spam as well. Anyhow, I really believe in this product, and do think that it could mean the end of spam for the most part.



  1. Justin,

    You get 200 a day? I wish is was getting that little amount. I reckon I get about 1500 a day. I might look into this a bit later in 2007.

    Col 🙂

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