Protect your kids on MySpace

Obviously, I'm a huge advocate of communication via the internet. Sites like Bebo and MySpace have been amazing examples of online social networks that facilitate the free exchange of thoughts and personal information. These tools can potentially be great for developing and maintaining friendships. But, I've become aware of the potential dangers of MySpace. There have been numerous cases of threats, of predators, and of young people experiencing personal harm because of meeting someone and becoming attached online.

I think it's sad but realistic that parents need to monitor their children's activities. I'm reviewing a product called SpectorSoft, which can monitor various items such as a myspace login, keystrokes, screen shots, and even searches. Even though it costs around $100, it's worth it to ensure the safety of your children!

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  1. I'm not sure that key-logging is the answer, to be honest. I'd put more faith in open dialogue and education about the dangers – but I agree that that requires trust and communication between parfents and child that has to begin long before adolescence. If the communication isn't there, pay the $100 and work on the communication. You'll need it later anyway.

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