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I need a new digital camera

I have come to the sad realization that it's time to invest in a new digital camera (though I admit that I'd much rather just win one).

My wife has been bugging me to get one for quite while now. The fact is that most new cameras don't take six and a half minutes just to turn on, and can actually take pictures in settings other than still life in daylight. It's also worth mentioning that most new cameras weigh less than our dog. Yes, these are some of the very fancy new-fangled features that one can enjoy when purchasing a new digital camera.

It will be hard to part with my dear old camera though. Alas, it was one of the first ever made. Ever. The ironic thing is that we were always too scared to take it with us on vacation ("it could get sand in it!"), so it has technically sat at home for most of its lifetime. And I suppose I'll miss the staring, pointing, laughing and occasional mockery that ensue when our beloved is hoisted from its sturdy camera case.

But I guess that's life. I guess its time to move on. If you feel pity for me in any way, and would like to donate a camera to my worthy cause (OK, I haven't one), simply contact me for my address. And I promise I'll take it places, wonderful adventurous places, and even email you some of the photos!

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  1. I got the Cannon PowerShot SD600 Digital Elph for Christmas. I had an earlier version that I loved until it started getting a memory card error. It started malfunctioning after using it all the time for about 3 years. Aside from it breaking and a slow shutter speed…I loved the camera. The new ones have adjusted the shutter speed by eliminating the flash memory and moving over to SD memory. I am stoked on this thing….

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