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The smart way to buy a cell phone

Since switching jobs, I've been looking around for a new cell phone and provider (my previous company had a standard-issue phone). I'm honestly getting sick of looking through Wireless Phone stores and booths at malls. The sales people hound and pressure you, the deals are basically all the same wherever you go, and it's very hard to 'comparison shop'.

Because of all this, I was quite impressed when I found the link to wirefly mobile, a huge online store/resource where you can either comparison shop for cell phones and providers, or you can even compare by service plan! The coolest feature I find is that it allows you to quickly see where you can get free phone with which plans.

They also have an eBay store. They're obviously a reputable retailer, as their feedback reputation is at 99.4% positive, with over 1000 reviews.

The biggest drawback is that the site caters to U.S. customers only. To find phones/carriers/plans, you have to put in your ZIP code. There is no option for Postal code. I would really love if they expanded their service to Canada, I would for sure use this vast resource! But until that happens, I recommend this site to all my U.S. readers if you're in search of a new cell phone.

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