I think I need dedicated hosting

I'm getting a little tired of my shared hosting. Yes, I have stated (and will state again) that I'm quite happy with the service and support that Hostgator provides for their shared hosting clients. At first I was a little nervous about the concept of sharing the same server with hundreds (and potentially over a thousand) other websites, but so far in the year that I've been there I've only experienced about an hour or so of downtime on account of another client on the same server.

That said however, I am starting to experience the limitations of shared hosting. For example, I'm writing an application right now that does a lot of file retrieval and parsing, and I'm constantly having to monitor the server CPU load to make sure I won't be penalized. Also, I'm trying to do some lookups on the Google Page Rank of specific URLs, using a very well known lookup script, and it simply doesn't work. It returns a Page Rank of '1' for every URL I lookup, and I've determined that it's because I'm on a shared host, and most likely someone else on my server has abused the service and caused our IP to be banned.

Anyhow, looking at the Dedicated Hosting services offered by HostedSolutions, I'm pretty confident that I may need to soon migrate. The service that appeals to me is their managed server package. They have multiple data centers, and they're not in locations that are at risk of being hit by a storm, which is comforting!

I also appreciate that they don't cheap out on their server hardware. They use Dellâ„¢ or Sunâ„¢ servers, and even allow you to host with the operating system of your choice (RedHat for sure!). I am simply amazed that they also offer 100% SLA on network availability. They must have a very reliable setup and support team to be able to stand by that! Well, they've been bookmarked, and I will most likely be adding them to a comparison list of providers in the near future!

This post is sponsored, but I mean every word of it!



  1. Hey, how's it going?

    I came across this post on a Google search and wanted to throw my hat into the ring. Host vault offers dedicated servers starting at $84.99/mo with FREE setup on ALL of our dedicated servers, both value and high usage.

    You also get 5 IPs included in the price, unlimited ticket support, RHEL support (as well as Win2k3 Stand. and Ent., CentOS, Fedora Core 2-6) and a 99.5% SLA.

    I'd like the chance to talk to you more, if you're still deciding. Feel free to email me directly at Edward@HostVault.net

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