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A Powerful MySQL GUI Management Tool

I use MySQL on a daily basis, for all of my web applications. It's much faster to be able to interact with the databases and tables with a GUI tool rather that through the command line by using SQL statements. So obviously, I appreciate having a decent GUI.

Like any PHP/MySQL developer, I am quite comfortable with phpMyAdmin when I have to use it. But I find it a little faster to be able to use a client-based application. Navicat is one such tool. It also happens to be the most popular GUI client, and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

If you Download Navicat MySQL GUI Management Tool, you'll no doubt be impressed by the feature set. It features a visual query builder; SSH and HTTP tunneling; database transfer, synchronization, backup/restore and import/export functionality, as well as task scheduling! That's pretty full-featured, I could definitely give this one a trial!



  1. Thanks for your recommendation. I downloaded and tried it.

    I just wanted to tell you I LOVE Navicat. I'm converting an app from VB.NET/MS Access to C#/MySQL and I have to say that converting over from Access was the EASIEST I've ever seen. I also do MS SQL development and I was really surprised at how fully functional Navicat is compared with the standard tools from MySQL. I like it A LOT more than Query Analyzer.

  2. hey guys,i think one gonna check sqlyog , it is an amazing database management component which is really stable and compatible tool. runs on all Windows version from 98SE to Vista. and also on Linux with WINE. Has free community edition then why pay to navicat more? just look into it.:)

  3. I found that Navicat has Lite version which is FREE!!! Got it at http://www.navicat.com/

  4. I found Navicat unstable for Linux. Considering the so called native Linux client isn't anything more than Navicat wrapped in Wine. I even tried the Windows version thru Cross Over and it still was a no go. So far I've been using RazorSQL and really like it. It supports most popular databases in one version, so no MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL versions etc, cause they are supported out of the box. Its very functional and cheaper than everything else I have looked at. I hope this gives some insight,

  5. I heard that Navicat Premium will be available soon which lets you use one GUI to manage MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL at the same time. http://www.navicat.com/

  6. Great! finally i managed to find a Mysql GUI Client for Linux! I have been looking for SQLYOG alike solution for Linux for some times.

  7. It is a pity that the interface is not friendly.
    I like a very usefull tool dbForge Studio for MySQL. There is also a free edition. http://www.devart.com/dbforge/mysql/studio/download.html
    p.s. wonderful support.

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