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How to track your cars with GPS

Imagine being able to keep track of all of the cars owned by your family or small business. No more worrying about locating stolen vehicles. No more worrying about your teenage son or daughter being in an accident or lost, and you not being able to locate them. This is pretty futuristic sounding, only because the idea of tracking every vehicle you own with GPS sounds outrageously expensive. Well, not anymore!

With GPS Fleet management from BrickHouse Security, you can track your fleet of vehicles with GPS, for under $500. That puts this within the 'affordable' realm for many small businesses, and potentially even families, who would now be able to track their cars 24/7. You can even check the real-time speed that the vehicle is traveling at (so your kids can't lie to you anymore about whether or not they were speeding)! By default the update time is every ten seconds, but if you pay an extra $10 per month, you can get an update every five seconds.

You can checkout a pretty cool demo here, and it appears that the GPS system is integrated with Google Maps, which I love. A friend of mine runs a landscaping and snowplowing business, I could totally see him investing in a system like this!

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