How to watch movies with subtitles on a Mac

I recently downloaded a Spanish movie with English subtitles. When I opened the movie .avi file, the subtitles didn't appear. It turns out that they are loaded from a separate .srt file.

I did some digging, and found the information I needed in a forum. To view .srt files on a Mac, you need to use a video playing app called VLC. It's free, and can be downloaded here.

Once you're running VLC, go to preferences and deselect 'automatically detect subtitle files'. Then choose the subtitle file to be played with the movie using the 'browse' button (select both files). It’s not automatic but it works!

I imagine you could do exactly the same thing to view .srt files in Windows, but I haven't verified that.



  1. however, get rid of all symbols not present in english standard alphabet. It does create problems even with downloading it. For editing, use Jubler.

  2. you can read .srt files right with QuickTime. Just make sure the movie and the .srt file has the same name.

    VLC is a great app though.

  3. a good thing about vlc is that you can adjust the timing of the subtitles just by pressing h or j on the keyboard. Nice trick

  4. Amazing, thank you so much for creating these subtitles. I plan to spend all afternoon watching Carlos tomorrow and cannot wait now I know I have the subtitles.

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