How to auto-mount a network share on OS X login

So I've been looking around for ways to automate a regular backup on my Macbook to my server, which is a PC. I found some free software (which I'll blog about later), mounted the network path as a drive, and ran the backup.

But if I realized that if I want to automate it, I'll have to have the drive mounted automatically as well, otherwise the backup will fail. So I did some digging online, and found out that's it's incredibly easy to auto-mount a network share when you logon to your Mac.

All you need to do is just mount the drive once, make a link (by dragging the drive icon into an empty folder) and then dragging the link into the login items. Alternately, within login items, you can just select the share/drive, and add it to the list.



  1. this is cool , im facing the same problem … but the question is how do i login with another name (already know the password ) to have full access and permission to the second name's files over network ????

  2. The second method you suggested (add a new login item) is far easier than the first. Great tip!

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