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I first played this game on SUSE Linux. But since I switched to Mac, I didn't have it installed on the box. So when I found it online, I figured I'd post it on my site!

Don't forget to leave a comment with your high score!

1. aim the cannon
2. shoot the bubbles, get the same colors together to make them fall



  1. hey loving bubble shooter atm, you the man justin cook. its my favs, play this game every day at school XD

  2. hey justin, justine hairy here again. i'm still loving bubble shooter and playing it every day my high score is now 102342420000000324325235 im getting really good x-)

  3. 51250 is mine 🙂

  4. Hey JUSTIN!!! Omg just saw the picture of you on your website. You look so hot babe. I hope it is you for real. Please post your cellphone number asap.

    Love ya, Justine Hairy x

  5. 329,000 was my highscore. hahhahaha

  6. 10/27/10

    i got 205,180
    beat the game


  8. just beat this game with a score of 233,453 🙂

  9. Thanks for posting this game on your site!!! Me and the girls use to play this ALL DAY at work and then our company had a web sense filter put on all the computers that blocked all games. HA HA, guess they havent figured out there are still ways around the filter!! THANKS!!!!!

  10. all yall some fags justin cook ill whip yo ass cuz think im playin

  11. Can you post ANGRY BIRDS FOR PC on your blog? It seems that game has to be downloaded and is not online playable. Thank You, Wayne Wolf

  12. Bubble game is physics game. It has designed with superior graphics than to bubble shooter and it's a bit a lot more elaborated. This is also contains a fantastic style and exclusive impact plus the levels are greatly curiously particularly designed. It contains much more brain exercises whereas puzzle bubble shooter may be a game that you could play having a easy thoughts.

    bubble shooter

  13. my high score is 29840

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