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101 Great Free SEO Tools & Resources

With Search Engine Optimization there is simply no 'one tool does all' (yet). So I've compiled a list of 101 great tools and resources to help your site's SEO strategies. The best part is, they're all free!

  1. Keyword Rank Checker – Track your website’s ranking in Google, MSN and Yahoo!
  2. Google vs Yahoo Graph – Graphic display of top 50 in Google & Yahoo linked
  3. PageRank Lookup – check the PageRank for a website
  4. PageRank Verification – check if the displayed PageRank is real
  5. Yahoo! WebRank Checker – check your Yahoo WebRank without needing to install the Yahoo toolbar
  6. Google PageRank Prediction – check predicted PR of a site
  7. Page Strength Tool – quickly assess a site/page's relative importance and visibility
  8. Site Stats Tool – A quick snapshot of many indices of your website(s)
  9. Poodle Predictor – see what your site will look like in search-engine results
  10. Multi-Rank Checker – View your Google PageRank and Alexa Ranking in bulk
  11. PageRank Checker – View your Google PageRank on differnet Google servers
  12. PageRank for Mac – PageRank toolbar widget For Macintosh
  13. PulseRank – Tracks Ranking movement on Google for 1000 keywords
  14. Bookmark & Blog Search Check – Find your backlinks in the major bookmarking sites and blog search engines
  15. Reciprocal Link Check – check whether your link partners are linking back to your website
  16. Link Popularity Checker – a popularity score given to a website based on inbound links
  17. LinkPrice Lookup – check the price of your link
  18. Link Price Calculator – another tool for checking the price of links
  19. Link Checker – check your links to see if it’s still valid or not
  20. Link Verification Tool – regularly monitors text links, alerts you to problems
  21. Backlink Tracker – check search engines for the number of back links to any specific URL over time
  22. Backlink Summary – This tool will give you a summary of your competitors backlinks
  23. Xenu's Link Sleuth – Find broken links on web sites
  24. Link Popularity – checks the total number of web pages which link to a website
  25. Link Quality – Link popularity checker and link quality assessment
  26. Link Price Calculator – help to determine the approximate amount you should be paying (or charging) per month for a text link (ad) from each and every page of the specified website
  27. Site Link Analyzer – analyze a given web page and return a table of data containing columns of outbound links and their associated anchor text
  28. PayPerPost – Get quality contextual links though sponsored blog postings
  29. High Traffic Blog Advertising – get your article and links published across hundreds of blogs
  30. ReviewMe – Get your service or Web site reviewed by bloggers
  31. URL Rewriting – convert dynamic URLs into static looking HTML URLs
  32. Link Extractor – Extract links from a specific web page
  33. Link Shortener – shorten a web address
  34. Directory Lister – only submit your site to the highest quality directories
  35. Directory Search Tool – check if your website is on major directories
  36. Co-op Advertising Network – get text ads across 20,000+ sites
  37. Back Links Finder – Build relevant website back links
  38. Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer – check link text used by your backlinks to Link to your wesbite
  39. Similar Page Checkerdetermine the percentage of similarity between two pages
  40. Keyword Verification – checks to see if your site is in the top three pages of a search engine result for a specific keyword
  41. Keyword Density Analyser – another SEO tools for keywords
  42. Indexed Pages Checker – find how many pages of your website have been indexed by Google, Yahoo,
    MSN, Alltheweb, Hotbot and AltaVista.
  43. Keyword Cloud – a visual representation of keywords used on a website
  44. Keyword Density – another SEO tool for checking keyword density
  45. Keyword Analysis – analyse keywords on your website in specific Google datacenters
  46. Keyword Data Miner – keyword search volume
  47. Keyword Playground – determine key phrases and report on their monthly search estimate
  48. Search Engine Saturation Tool – check the number of pages a given search engine has in its index for your website domain
  49. Keyword Difficulty Check – see how difficult it would be to rank for specific keywords or phrases
  50. Keyword Optimizer – optimizer your keywords with this tool
  51. Keyword Typo Generator – generate a list of suggestions for likely human misspellings and typos
  52. Comprehensive Typo Generator – generate more human misspellings and typos
  53. Keyword Suggestion – Find related keywords matching your search
  54. Another Keyword Suggection tool – suggest variations in WordTracker & Overture
  55. Keyword Domain Suggestion – suggest keyword rich domain names
  56. Free Keyword Research Tool – analyze the meta keywords of your competition
  57. XML-Sitemaps – Build your Site Map online (XML, ROR, Text, HTML)
  58. Gsitecrawler – Google (and Yahoo!) Sitemap Generator for Windows
  59. Validate XML Sitemap – Search Engine Optimizion Tool for validating your xml sitemaps
  60. Google Analytics – tells you everything about your visitors
  61. Google Backlinks Check – Check Google and 9 data centers for backward link updates
  62. Google Banned Checker – check whether a site is banned by Google or not
  63. Search Engine Bot Simulator – SEO Tool to simulate search engine parsing of webpages and display discovered links.
  64. Indexed pages – check the no. of indexed pages for your blog
  65. Spider Simulator – simulates a search engine by displaying the contents of a web page
  66. Search Engine Friendly Redirect Checker – checks the exact HTTP headers that a web server is sending with an HTTP response.
  67. Search Engine Position – Locate your search listings on Google and Yahoo!
  68. Search Listings Preview – Preview your website on Google, MSN and Yahoo! Search
  69. HTML Encrypt – Hide your HTML source code
  70. HTML Optimizer – Optimize and clean your HTML source code
  71. HTTP Headers – Extract the HTTP Headers of a web page
  72. HTTP Headers Viewer – check HTTP headers for any specific URL
  73. Meta-tags Extractor – Extract meta-tags information from a web page
  74. Meta-tags Generator – Generate and configure your meta-tags
  75. META Analyzer – analyze a website’s meta tags
  76. Meta Tag Generator – help you to generate meta tags
  77. Meta Tag Optimization – Check your Title and Meta Tags for keyword optimization
  78. Source Code Viewer – View the source code of a page
  79. Alexa Traffic Rank – View and compare Alexa Ranking graphs
  80. Domain Age Tool – find out the age of your competitor’s domains
  81. Domain Stats Tool – get all kind of statistics of your competitor’s domains
  82. Domain Availability – Check the availability of domains
  83. Domain Look-up – Retrieve a range of information about a domain
  84. Domain Whois – Retrieve domain whois information
  85. Instant Domain Checker – Check the availability of domains instantly
  86. Reverse IP/Look-up – Resolve a host to an IP address
  87. Server Status – Check if your website is online or offline
  88. Website Speed Test – Find out how fast your website loads
  89. What Is My IP Address – shows your ip address
  90. Class C Checker – check if some sites are hosted on the same Class C IP Range
  91. IP to City – determine the Country, City, Latitude and Longitude of an IP Address
  92. Website to Country – determine the Country in which the specified website is Hosted
  93. Geo Visitors – detect where in the world visitors are coming from
  94. Statcounter – famous free web tracker
  95. Web Counter – very simple, free web counter
  96. HiStats – Free, real time updated web stats service
  97. Addfreestats – provide free website statistics
  98. FEED Validator – for Atom and RSS
  99. W3C Markup Validation Service – check for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards
  100. Browser Screen Resolution Checker – shows what your site looks like with different screen resolutions
  101. Your Browser Details – View your IP address and your browser details


  1. Two more domain tools for your list.

    The Ultimate Random Domain Name Generator:

    View you ip address and hostname without ads:

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