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How to access & listen to your MP3s remotely

I'm very excited to write this post, this is exactly what the digital music world has been waiting for! If you're anything like me, you have a large collection of MP3s on your home computer. (I won't ask you where you got them…) Now, what happens when you want to listen to your MP3s at work? Or another computer in your own house? Or visiting family? Well, you have to download the music to the computer you're on, either by FTP or over the network. Or you have to carry around your MP3 player with you at all times.

Well, not anymore! My favourite media player – Winamp – has just released a service that will enable you to stream your MP3s from any remote computer! It's called Winamp Remote, and it will allow you to listen to and peruse your entire music library as you would within the Winamp Media Library. It's currently in Beta, and may take some manual configuration to get it to work perfectly, but it's just plain awesome!



  1. WinAmp remote is a great idea, executed horrendously. It;s horrifically slow, buggy and problematic, especially if redirecting ports due to firewall issues.

  2. I agree, I can't believe there isn't something else out there that does what winamp remote does. If only winamp remote would allow for browsing files and adding to the playlist as easily as using winamp directly does.

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