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How to check online status for AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Skype and ICQ users

You're probably registered on at least one forum. And you've no doubt seen that in your forum profile, you can add your favourite Instant Messaging (IM) profile details, and other users can see if you're online. You in turn, can see who else is online as well. Well what if you want to add that status indicator to a website you run? Here are a series of PHP classes that can detect the online/offline status in all of the major IMs.




  1. Shahadat Hossen


    This is a nice part of code that i like and need so much 🙂

    but I need it in ASP. Could you do it for me?

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Sorry, I no longer code ASP for work. You'll need to contract someone to do it.

  3. Its actually very simple if you want to write this yourself without using the classes at

    Just use fsockopen() to connect to port 5222 of a domain where there is a Jabber server running.


    $fp = fsockopen('' 5222);

    use fwrite() to send it the right XML stanzas that will log your friend in and check your status. (Your friend being a jabber account you set up as your friend). If the jabber server supports msn, yahoo transports, you can check your status on that too…

    An example of the XML stanzas to send is here:

  4. Hi there, I was so glad I found this site and downloaded all the check phps, but none of them worked! Why is that? Old code? Could you please update and fix it?

    I tried skype and icq – nothing. Skype shows only offline and ICQ shows only online statuses, doesn't matter if the user IS really online/offline.

    PLEASE, write me an email or post here!

  5. hi there
    i have download the skype status php file but not know how to run this file or what to do with it.
    Pls help me.

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