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Play Mario 64 online for free!

I was pretty excited when I saw that someone had ostensibly ported Mario64 to an online flash game!

This game is really quite fun. At first I was a little disappointed that it's not actually the Nintendo 64 version, really just a flash-based Mario game with music borrowed from N64. However, it is still quite addictive!

Run around, jump, collect coins. Hit the spacebar to use your jetpack, but make sure you land to recharge before you run out of power!



  1. this is awsome! Your are like the coolest!

  2. so i love mario and as of now i think i love you!!

  3. best thing to do….jump off the stage and then try to get back after you disappear

  4. I went all the way to the end of the game where there was no ground or death. Did I become immortal when i went there? Or is it a glitch in the game? Because i can't die when i walk on the bottom of the game. Or did i break it???????

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