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Internet marketing blogs are a dime a dozen. I honestly look at a new one every week, and am quite regularly cycling them through my RSS reader. However, there are very few that actually keep my attention and RSS subscription, and that continue to provide valuable content that is actually worth reading.

So, that noted, I'm happy to say that I've found another quality blog that will stay in my RSS feed list. It's the Apogee Search Blog, contributed to by the experienced SEO/SEM professionals at Apogee Search.

The company itself has been in business for around six years now, and they claim to be the 25th largest Internet Marketing firm in the world. Taking a look at their website, it's quite frankly underwhelming. It's pretty clear that they don't have a real designer on the payroll. But regardless of the design itself, they seem to know their way around search engines, usability and conversion.

My curiosity was piqued by a blog posting about the author's distaste for Google Sitemaps. I mean, how could anyone not like Google Sitemaps? But the author made a great point, that even though they can help with a deep crawl from the Googlebot, it may even lend itself to laziness on the developer's part when considering the website architecture. They may give less attention to the inter-linking of sub-pages, and the 'link juice' may fail to flow throughout the site.

Again, this is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more than the basics of online marketing.

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