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Easily create CSS tabs with PHP and AJAX

There are many different ways of simplifying an interface, and one of the best is by means of using tabs. I've written a couple of tutorials on making tabbed interfaces with CSS. However, it would be even easier to just have a class that generates the tabs automatically. Well, this class can be used to generate a tab based Web interface.

It generates HTML with Javascript to present a tab bar with links that when clicked switch the content that is presented underneath.

The content is loaded from the server using AJAX to avoid page reloading.

The tab links may have a fallback URL that is used when loading the pages via AJAX is not possible.
Here's the link to the class: http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/package/3824.html



  1. ok…ill try

  2. I was looking for it

  3. really great
    i will try it
    thank you

  4. sorry man 🙁
    i'm look at that and i don't like it
    i need some simplier
    anyway, thanks

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