Making money online with e-mini trading

Making a living online is the latest craze. Everyone's looking for some sort of means of generating income online, because it seems so much easier than 'working' for a living. What people don't seem to realize that making money online still requires work, and quite a bit of it at that.

Most people turn to contextual ads, paid blogging, and even affiliate marketing as the first choices for revenue generation. But there's a whole world of online income that is virtually untapped – that of online trading. I just heard of today something called emini trading. Basically it seems to be an offshoot of stock investing, but in 'mini' stocks, known as emini. There are some advantages over regular stock trading, such as no day-trader rules, which means you do not have to maintain a $25,000 account to be able to trade actively. Also, eminis require pure technical trading, based on chart analysis, so it's much more natural to learn than basic stock trading, which requires a mix of business savvy and intuition.

Anyhow, the links in the previous paragraph point to a site that sells training/methodology for emini trading. Though they clearly express that it's not everyone's cup of tea, those who are willing to work hard at it stand to make very good money. The site isn't the most aesthetically pleasing, but it's also not too gimmicky either. It appears to be a very valid course that's worth investing in if you're looking at getting into emini trading.


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