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Play Dirt Bike online for free!

Due to a request on my monster truck game, I'm posting this dirt bike game. It's in a similar style to the BMX madness game, where you control the speed and tilt of the bike, and make it to the finish game without flipping over.

It's not as easy as it sounds! Leave your best scores/times in the comments field.

Wait for the game to load…
Up/Down arrows for gas/brake
Left/Right arrows to control your tilt



  1. the wheels on this game dont show up just like that truck game and a request would be TGmotocross 2 thats meuy bueno

  2. Hey, I didn't know where to put this so here it goes. Could you put a game called Dragon Court 2 on this site. It's pretty cool, but the original site is blocked by school proxies. That would be cool of you could make it work. The main site is on is called at the primo games link. Well, some feedback would be cool!

  3. I should be able to have it up next week some time

  4. Awsome, thanks

  5. could u get the rest of the dirtbike games as soon as posiible…..would u tell me by when

  6. Quan

    i got 2:40

  7. 1:54 I SKILLED YALL

  8. i got 0:08
    now stop sukin me

  9. how can i download the .swf of this game???, i want to play it on my psp

  10. when are u gonna get dirtbike 2

  11. get more dirtbike games this one is to easy

  12. hey jusin i was wondering if u can tell me how to get games on my playstation portable (psp)…i alreadly have the usb cord i just dont know how?

  13. i beat it in 5 mins

  14. hey man can u get instructo tank or something like that. PLZZ

  15. i got 1:50

  16. hey ummm was wondering if u got instructo tank cause its a sick game. thank you

  17. get the fishy game please.

  18. i believe there should be more dirtbike levels

  19. this game is sick because im a dirt bike hero and love these games

  20. i cant wait to see more action from the fans. This could acaully make it big

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