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Due to a request by one of my visitors, I'm posting the Interactive Buddy flash game on my site. I'm not really sure what the point of this game is yet, feel free to explain it to me in the comments!

Select menu items at top of screen, then click on your interactive buddy



  1. basically you just blow up and torture a little blob thingy

  2. THANK YOU for gettin good games and such for fun days at school!! THANKS!!

  3. u no im gonna have to ask you to please get TG motocross 1 or 2 because they are the best dirt bike flash games that are out there
    !! so please get it thanks

  4. Here you go, I'm placing it on another site, in case this one gets blocked by school proxies:

  5. To get everything in the game you need $3070.I com pleated it,but my blob died

  6. can u put "Madness Interactive" on your site? thanks

  7. thank you so much for putting up this game… but could you at all possibly put up balloon invasion? cus im gonna be in the computer lab at my school for the next week because i finished a project waaaaaaaaaay early


    ur site is so awesome i get to play games at school and when a teacher comes i just pull up a tutoring thing its awesome! oh and can u plz put on Warfare 1944 and/ or Warfare 1917

  9. i cant go on the helicopter game can you post it again

  10. Lol most off these games have higher flash than the school computer i have xD sucks but thanks for what ur doing im sure u make alot of students happy 🙂

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