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Play Adrenaline Challenge free online

Again, I'm spreading around the flash games, so this site doesn't get blocked by school networks. Here's a link to play Adrenaline Challenge, which should work on school computers.



  1. Awesome site, im was one of the first at my school to visit. Now everybody uses it, so props. I dig the games you put up, maybe you could put up Boomshine if you can find it anywhere. Ive been trying to play it at school for a while and all the sites arre blocked. Thanks man.

  2. Thanks for the compliment! Here's the link to play Boomshine online

  3. boomshine also wont play on my school computer

  4. even when i use your link

  5. It may be because you need Flash 9 installed…

  6. could I install flash 9 on a school computer

  7. Try here, and let me know what happens:

  8. didnt work but it doesnt really matter because i only have 1 day of school left but thanks for the help and i will be here again next school year

  9. hey amn your site is amazing and i told everyone at my school about it now we all play!!! but adrenaline challenge and alot of games that you where u post links to other sites wont work at my school so could you just post them up on here or something?

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