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Play Extreme Heliboarding free online

Again, I'm spreading the flash games around. You can bookmark this site as well, because I'm posting Extreme Heliboarding there for now, but I'll put more flash games regularly for you to play at school.

Here's the link to play Extreme Heliboarding Online.



  1. A bunch of the games still dont work on my school computer

  2. It would also be fun to play spy hunter

  3. Can you tell me which games don't work?

  4. None of them work except bubble shooter

  5. What about some of my older games, do they work? Try this one:

  6. Yes bowman works

  7. i also cant get the spy hunter to work

  8. get runescape plz

  9. you need to get bejewled!! that game owns all!!!

  10. hey, i can play ur games if i search for them directly but i cant click on the online games link. where can i get a list of all ur games?

  11. this game sucks i cant use links at my school cause it got smartfilter

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