iPhone coming June 20th!

Oh man, I have to admit that more than ever do I want an iPhone. I've gone through phases of want since it was announced. When Steve Jobs first verified that the rumours are true, I immediately wanted one, and ate up everything I saw and read about them. Then of course came the critics, highlighting all the shortcomings, such as a closed architecture, the price, etc, and my interest wained. However, as of late I'm right back at the "really wanting" state, for three reasons:

1. It was announced today that the iPhone will be available in the US as of June 20th. I guess that means it will follow shortly thereafter for Canada, or at least I hope!
2. My cell phone is crappy, and my PocketPC is only wireless when I can find a strong hotspot. The video is OK, the sound is fine, but Windows Media for mobile is not the greatest program. The contact management and calendaring stink, so I'd love the ease of use and slick interface of the iPhone.
3. Despite the critics' claims, the phone really does have some great functionality, including integrated maps and visual voice mail.

Of course, it's not just a matter of being able to afford the phone itself. At first I thought I should maybe also invest in some sort of screen protection for iPhone, but then I realized that I don't use a stylus, I use my fingers. And seeing as I moisturize so regularly, my fingers are smooth, and shouldn't scratch the screen. However, I will most probably buy an iPhone case. I can't tell you how many times I drop my phone every week. In fact, I once dropped it while riding my bike, and then ran over it. So yes, a case would be a good idea.

So, if any of you regular visitors really like me and/or the valuable content on my site, feel free to buy me one!



  1. Man, I have to agree. The iphone is the best thing i have seen in a while. the only thing i would worry about is the bill.

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