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Where to find free phpLD mods

php Link Directory (a.k.a. "phpLD") is the most widely used directory software in the world. It's a feature-rich application, with years of development, and thousands of users behind it.

But of course, there is no script in the world that meets every single user's needs. If you're looking to start your own Web Directory using phpLD, you'll no doubt find that there are some things you wish it could do out of the box, that it simply doesn't. And that is where the power of mods comes in!

Mods (short for 'modifications' or 'modules') allow independent software developers to create modular scripts and functions, to add much-needed features and functionality to the application or presentation layer of a program. Many are open source, so that you can further modify them yourself.

If you're looking for a decent list of available mods, try Directory Share for their Free phpLD Mods. Currently there are six different mods that they themselves have created and made available for use. I could see the first two being the most useful, the "Homepage Newsfeed" and "Latest Featured Links". The first one would help provide fresh, unique content for spiders to digest, and serve to differentiate your directory. The second, well, I'm just surprised that it wasn't an inbuilt feature to phpLD, it seems pretty crucial!

I think this is a decent list of useful mods, but the one thing I would recommend is to build it out. If they were to include other popular or useful mods from 3rd party developers, then this page and site could become an even more useful resource for anyone running a directory.



  1. Hi. Im lookin for a free version of a-z mod from for use on

    can somebody helpme?

  2. can anyone tell me that from where i am able to find the script which, populates the directory and subdirectory

  3. can anybody say me where I can find mod for phpld v2 which would enable payment using moneybookers?

  4. Hi,
    you could get more free phpld mods here >


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