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Where to buy World of Warcraft Gold

I am a huge proponent of all things online. I work hard to earn a living in Online Marketing, I help a lot of people with my web programming tutorials, and I like to post the odd online game. Recently, I've noticed an upsurge in the web traffic to my Online Games section, and have to doing a little more digging. It seem that the world of online gaming is no longer the 'up and coming' or 'next big thing' that it used to be. It is now the big thing.

There can be no more dramatic of an example than the game World of Warcraft. This online game has not only garnered millions of loyal fans and players, but it has spawned an entirely new industry, that of selling gaming wares online! In fact you can even buy World of Warcraft Gold (the currency within the game) on independent 3rd part website, like

I really wonder how Blizzard feels about the fact that the website also sells Warcraft Accounts. I mean, I technically don't see anything wrong with it, you can forgo the initial learning phase of a game, and pay your way to being an advanced player! (Of course, you probably won't last long if you haven't taken the time to build your skills). Anyhow, it would be interesting to see Blizzard's official stand on the matter.

One other cool thing on the site was the Guides for World of Warcraft. This kind of reminded me of the old paperback guides I used to buy for my Nintendo games, when I couldn't figure out how to beat the levels myself.



  1. cant players get banned for selling their account? Why dont people just buy the game and make their own account? Its funner that way!

  2. That's your site? I run rpgreseller – got a few things in common.

  3. please add stick rpg.its a really good ame/time waster.

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