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Another site to buy World of Warcraft Gold

OK, I'm almost ready to start playing World of Warcraft, I swear! Since I posted that review yesterday on the WoW site, I've been sent another link to a site to buy WOW Gold. I actually didn't know, but there are currently 8.5 million players of the game right now! This makes me think that it has to be addictive, and though I'd like to give it a shot, I don't really have the time to dedicate to a virtual world or game.

Anyhow, I'm still quite fascinated by the concept of the service of this website, that it allows newer game players to buy wow accounts. At first I was a little skeptical about how the game maker would feel about this after market of accounts and virtual goods, but now that I've thought about it, they must love it. Think about it, there are probably hundreds of first-time players that get frustrated very quickly by their inability to buy items in the game, or they get killed quickly. By purchasing an established account, or the game currency, they can jump-start that whole process, and get right into being an established player! This is great for Blizzard, as the result would be far less account abandonment.

One of the things to help with establishing new players is called wow power leveling. You basically join a group of experienced players, and they lend power to you (not for free of course). Hmm, I can say that the pictures on this site were just mildly distracting 😉



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  2. Deathsurfer ( WoW retired)

    hi er im deathsurfer
    ( Lvl 30 Human Mage Alliance , Burning Legion Server EU. Status : Quit )
    i just wanna say wow is VERY GOOD!
    Myfriend said they might deduct it to 5 pounds a week so that will be an ENORMUS amount of players joining, just wanna say its a great game

    Also, go to youtube and type in
    Athene the best paladin
    hes the best paladin in the world
    appernetly he got banned for trying to rape someone in game! ROFL!!!!
    paladin is good basicly Warrior with Healing abillites
    also there are free servers
    i had one
    preeeeeety simple to make its rlly great :DDDD

    Cya —

  3. I've been playing World of Warcraft for two or three years now. Ihave to level 80's, one's an Orc Warrior and one's a Tauren Druid. Horde is the only way you can go, boy. The Alliance usually out number the Horde 3 to 1 on most "Normal" servers, which only makes victory more sweet when we win. I would just like to say if you'd need any help, I'd suggest going to Ravencrest realm, and adding Sentar and Wrath to your friends list. I'd be more then happy then to help you. By the way, buying gold is not cool. =/ All the hard work people put into it to actually get there stuff, is easily taken apart by people with money. Actually having to work for your stuff is part of the fun!

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