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How to find expired domains with PR

For a little while now I've been publishing some lists of domains that are available to register, which have PageRank because they were previously registered but are now expired. A few people asked me how I was getting those lists, but I never really explained it, because it was quite a laborious process. Every day I would download a list of about 60,000 expired domains, parse the ones with the TLDs that I was interested in, chop them up and feed them into an automated PageRank validator, and then of the ones with PR, see which were still available, and which had real PR. Of all the domains that I went through, it was a very tiny percentage that are still available, and weren't simply parked domains or redirects.

Well, a new website has just been launched that makes it far easier to find expired domains. The site is called Expired Domain Up!, and it boasts of some great functionality. Basically, the database is updated every single day, listing domains that will be available the next day. You can filter on domains with specific PageRank, sort by TLD (such as .edu domains), look for domains with Yahoo and DMOZ backlinks, and see the number of indexed pages in major search engines. If you'd like one of the expired domains with PR, the system shows you where to buy or bid on it.

If this sounds interesting to you, right now is the time to sign up, because for the time being it's free. I'm not sure how much they'll charge in the future, but whatever the cost it can easily be recovered by buying an expired domain, building the site, and selling links, posts or the site itself!



  1. there is one site i found but they were charging some dollars.
    any comments for this site

  2. The site doesn't seem to bring anything up in the search, great idea if it works though!

  3. thanks for share..

  4. Excellent peace of description . Thanks for the nice information

  5. its very difficult to catch any good domain

    because many peoples use software that catch the domain right in the moment of this expiration automaticaly :-/

  6. I was looking for expired domains for my work and visit the link you've placed. But there's no domains on my keywords there. Could you suggest anything else?

  7. Great looking site but i was unable to find any listings or expired domains.

  8. this site is dead:
    "Search the expired domain list! Today, January 24, 2010 there are 0 expiring domains with a total of estimated monthly visitors"

  9. PR is good, but most of the time google will drop the pr after domain is deleted. You can also try using, it focuses on quality dropping domians. It filters and shows you the best expiring domains on daily bases.

  10. always check the domain properly b4 buy, as it was might be penalized by SE

  11. Hi Justin, thanks for some great posts, I want to tell you there is a problem with your page loading using chrome on my computer. I took a screen shot and uploaded it here so you can see I hope this helps you. feel free to email me about anything…… Have a great day!

  12. LacyG | Software Developer

    In the last 4 months I have been developing a system for finding valuable expired domain names: I used another approach than most similar sites do, which resulted in the list containing only valuable domain names. Unfortunately the system is still in alpha state, so it is far prom being perfect, but one may find pretty good domain names… Hope you'll find some good names 😉

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